Friday, 13 November 2009

Help me to like the Fifth Doctor more.

Well The only stories I havent seen with the Fifth Doctor in are:

The Kings Demons
The Awakening
Planet of Fire

My favourite Fifth Doctor story is Earthshock. My most favourite regeneration sequence is in TCOA (Caves). I am looking forward to the Kamelion DVD boxset coming out next year, since they are the only stories with Anthony Ainley that I havent yet seen. My gran always used to say to me that my father looks like Peter Davison.

I would say my favourite team (companion team) with the Fifth doctor are Tegan, Nyssa and Adric. Actually Adric doesnt really annoy me at all. I am also most keen on the Fifth Doctors costume which he first wore in Season 19, and myself do own a Season 19 sweater and have just bought 2 Season 19 fifth Doctor shirts. Can anyone remind me why the Fifth Doctor wears the celery again, because I've actually forgot.

I thought the Fifth Doctor in Time-Crash appeared more grumpy than usual. Did anyone else think that when watching the special? It was great to see Peter back in the role, since Dimentions In Time and I was so excited about the special airing at the time back in 2007.

Oh by the way I think the Big Finish audio Spare Parts is one of the best cybermen stories out there. Its the only Fifth Doctor audio I've listened to so far.

First Blog

Well guys, this is my first blog on Still feeling abit dizzy. This dizzy-ness has been going on now for just over a week. This morning I felt like I was going to faint again. But I've had tests at the hospital and at the Doctors and they both say that I'm fine. Looking forward to Doctor Who on Sunday evening (Waters of Mars). Im sure it will be a great episode. Watched "Time Crash" again, and I think its a great special.